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Website Visitor Tracking Automation is a Game-changer for Hospitality

Website visitor tracking for your Hospitality business is a key component in the fight to win more sales at less cost.  The sooner visitors can be identified and then engaged on your site, the greater the opportunity for getting the reservation.


Use of Online Travel Agents, such as Expedia or, in the hotel hospitality marketing toolbox is currently overweight.  It increases reservation costs to both the hotel owner and the leisure and business traveler.


While OTA premiums rise and governments elect to return fair, competitive prices to consumers, hotels need to focus on direct bookings.  This requires software tools to pull better results from marketing campaigns.

Website visitor tracking automation supports hotel bookings

In the highly competitive hotel business, winning the direct booking early in the customer journey is a must.

Marketing Automation Engages the Visitor all the way to the Final Booking

The Hotel’s digital marketing assets, including its website, are central to the marketing mix. More importantly, website visitor tracking software is becoming a key marketing tool for online business. As you maintain and look for new customers in this growing competitive landscape, the use of marketing automation tools will increase results while lowering costs. Without the ability to track website visitors and engage them in real-time, hotels are pushing away what might be high-paying, quality customers.


Online Travel Agents will always play a role in the digital marketing strategies of hotel hospitality properties. But they should not be the sole touch point available to travelers searching for bookings.  To reach your target audience, all online distribution channels need to be considered in your digital marketing solutions. Marketing Automation makes this possible in terms of both costs and resources. Hotels which use website visitor tracking automation will also have the upper advantage.  It will permit hotels to move away from focusing on price which is so prevalent with online travel websites. It will then return sales based on value of the hotel property and its services.

The First 60!

“The website is the single most important tool in this first 60% of the buying process because that is where you have the ability to add value that will make you easier to find. ”  – Ruth Stevens, President, eMarketing Strategy

eMarketer, Marketing Automation Roundup, December 2014.

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