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Marketing Automation Revs Up Customer Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

Leadables’ Marketing Automation services and consulting for small and medium businesses now gives greater lift to lead generation campaigns, engaging and creating more customers.  Contact Sales Teams will benefit from website visitor tracking behavior boosted by automated,  real-time responses. New digital marketing strategies and tactics will ensure the right targeted audiences are reached and engaged. Together, let’s focus on your marketing objectives and let marketing automation software do its job.


Campaigns Inbound and Out

Smaller enterprises get more return on marketing campaigns when the campaigns are managed intuitively.  Automating your marketing activities is the next step in your campaigning process.  By tracking website visitor responses as they happen and acting quickly to follow-up, both the quality and volume of your new contacts will improve.  Campaign goals will be more successful and Returns on Investment will increase.


Quality Contacts

Contact sales teams are challenged by new laws designed to protect consumers from universal spam. Small and medium enterprises are struggling to work with lead generation services and effective online marketing campaigns are needed to gather the best fruit and gain new prospects.  For Leadables, a quality prospect must fit your target profile, be informed on-the-fly about your products and services and signal an interest to connect with you.


Marketing Automation for Travel and Hospitality


Leadables customers experience services with marketing automation
  • Customer Strategies

    Vetting web visitors with the use of Personas and Segmentation is key to getting your messages to your target audience. This begins the buyer’s journey and enhances the customer’s personal experience. It requires research to understand user behaviour and fortify the buying decision.

  • Campaigns that Fit

    Automated marketing campaigns facilitates the use of online channels and promotes the best content to reach and engage your customer base. Inbound and Outbound campaigns benefit from optimization helping to reach campaign goals and maximize return on investment.

  • Lead Generation

    Develop critical paths for your web visitors adopting best tactics to support their buying decision. Marketing automation
    provides lead nurturing and scoring dropping your most valuable online prospects into your customer relationship management system – ready for your Sales Team.

…and for Smaller Enterprises


Leadables and Marketing Automation Services

Leadables provides consulting and Marketing Automation services to small and medium companies in support of their online marketing activities.  The people behind Leadables have considerable experience developing digital information products and marketing campaigns also for large enterprises on both the internet and private networks.  This experience started over 25 years ago in the Canadian marketplace.

Why Leadables?

Leadables was recently set up in North America to serve the growing Marketing Automation sector.  We think it important that all people who market on the web should have equal access to technologies and services which allow for fairer and, let’s face it, more interesting competition!

Leadables marketing automation services hotels & smaller enterprises
Automate Your Marketing

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