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Customer relationship marketing focuses on the ability to retain and engage customers before and after their purchase agreement with you. With high levels of competition in almost every sector, business marketing strategy must not only accurately target new business but also those prospects and customers who return to your website or respond to your campaigns.


To do this effectively. enterprise level businesses have been employing Marketing Automation for some years now and their testimony shows that results are impressive.  Until recently, the cost of Marketing Automation software and services was beyond reach of most small to medium-level businesses.  But as new software and service companies with small-enterprise experience enter the marketplace, Marketing Automation and its ability to support customer relationship marketing activities is now a golden opportunity for all levels of business competing for the consumer’s attention.


As technology grows, the ability for customers to interact with you online and be able to take direct action based on your responses is only going to increase.  To be more competitive, your marketing efforts will need to be smarter and faster with your prospect and customer relationships.  But as a small or medium business, you will also need to be much more strategic, choosing the right tactics for your target audience while controlling your resources.  This is going to require both skills and experience.

According to research from the CMO Council, nearly 7 in 10 (marketers) expected more automation investments would lead to better efficiency and effectiveness, by far the top benefit expected.

eMarketer, Marketing Automation Roundup, December 2014

Marketing in the Hospitality Space is Changing...

Find out why and how Automated Marketing can help your hotel.

Focus on the Marketing Process

As a business, your focus must support the consumer as she navigates her way through your campaigns, web and social sites.  You will be affected by her actions not just on your online properties but also on her’s as she writes reviews and shares information with her friends and the world.  Creating and optimizing content which speaks to your target on her terms and follows her actions  on all platforms is now the key to competent digital marketing.

  • Follow the Marketing Flow

    And get ready to build a real relationship with your Customers!

  • Targeting
    Identify and target specific user profiles
  • Staging
    Understand and act on your prospect’s position in his buying journey
  • Segmentation
    Segment visitors allowing you to identify customers and prospects by behaviors, interests and demographics.
  • Optimize
    Test and optimize various elements in your campaigns such as launch times, the most effective web assets, content details and more.
  • Personalize the Experience
    Create a targeted experience for prospects and customers across all of your marketing channels guiding them through their own personalized acquisition path.
  • Analytics
    Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Data Integration
    Gather prospect and customer data on their actions and requests and tie this in with CRM data.
  • Quality Leads
    Identify quality leads and manage those leads


The Consumer now controls the buying journey.

Today's consumer controls the buyer's journey

From Technology to Marketing Services

Until recently, the focus of digital marketing has been more on technology rather than on the professional services which nurture and improve the relationship with the prospect or customer.  But as consumers realize that for the first time they have incredible choices at their fingertips, businesses have to change that focus.


Of course, technology still matters and how!  Technologies are great tools.  They save incredible amounts of time, provide the pathways to new opportunities while giving their users great ability to efficiently perform their tasks and successfully complete goals.  They permit marketers to focus on how to acquire a new client and then make that business rapport really flourish.


So it is when professional marketing services overlay the technology applications that a powerful catalyst for developing the business relationship is formed.

“Simply adding separate technologies isn’t enough. Thanks to consumer use of multiple devices each day, marketers must also focus on integrating technologies and data across channels.”

Marketing Automation Roundup, eMarketer, December 2014.

  • Professional Marketing Services

    Here are some of the marketing services which Leadables performs for its customers.

  • Automated Marketing Software

    Setup, manage and monitor the Automated Marketing application which will underlay your marketing services.

  • Low-cost Market Research

    Assist customers to identify data requirements and ways to gather data using websites and web tools at low cost.

  • Marketing Strategies and Tactics

    Design quality marketing strategies which are creative, structured frameworks on which to develop strong, effective marketing tactics.

  • Lead Management

    Development of quality contacts in line with recent Can-Spam laws and effective management of those leads.

  • Campaign Distribution

    Identify the Marketing Channels which best match your target audiences and the campaigns to best reach them and implement your predefined strategies.

  • Content Distribution Services

    Content useful to your prospects and customers is key to reaching Youtility. Leadables will help to uncover content requirements and ensure their distribution at the right moments during the all-important purchase journey.

  • Campaign Monitoring

    Monitor web tactical results to tweak content and campaigns, segmentation and optimization to improve results.

  • Consulting

    Leadables also provides consulting services to marketing deptartments requiring assistance in the improvement of their digital marketing efforts.

Marketing in the Hospitality Space is Changing...

Find out why and how Automated Marketing can help your hotel.