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Target content marketing finds the right audience for your products and services, engages them and then converts them.  Both targeting and dynamic, dedicated content are two prime movers of successful internet marketing.

This is extremely important for small businesses, such as hospitality where the costs to win bookings must be carefully managed.  The use of marketing automation for the sales cycle results in lower costs and faster closing rates with automated bookings.

To most marketers, this is not something new. Yet even with the right skills, marketers struggle to achieve viable, quality leads or contacts for the sales team. The reason for this is time.  It is imperative to identify and respond to customer queries in real-time.  It requires automation and the best marketing tools to gain valuable insight into user need and then connect with the prospect.

The basic premise of Jay Baer’s smart book, Youtility[1], is that it isn’t enough to just promote products and services online.  To stand apart from your competitor’s offer and attract new customers, being useful to the User is a key marketing strategy.  Automated on target content marketing allows companies to monitor diverse marketing channels and distribute very specific responses to individuals in a dynamic environment.

[1] Youtility, Jay Baer. Portfolio, 2013.

Sales-focused Marketing is over. The Customer Now Leads the Way.

Although customers are changing how they find information and buy, businesses still market as if they control the purchase process. To be noticed, memorable and useful to your target audience, you can no longer take a traditional sales focus. Content and ad campaigns with a “my business” focus or sales handed over to third-party vendors for considerable commission fees does not connect with the client-in-waiting. It does not engage. It does not convert. You must let the client lead the way!

Content Marketing – Beware the Buyer’s Journey

Enterprising marketers have realized for some time that the web visitor leads the way during the buyer’s journey. The visitor is the protagonist. Therefore businesses need to make themselves very useful to people who respond to inbound and outbound campaigns and  websites.


Being useful means understanding your target market, correctly identifying the search and giving the right content in response to visitors’ questions. This can occur in different ways, at different times maybe even stepping in at an unusual moment to provide answers to a user’s question just as he Tweets it.


The idea of providing mass content is no longer a viable marketing strategy. Information must be targeted to a particular segment or even customized to a particular customer profile.  It must be timely, made available on the visitor’s time and not yours.


Target content marketing means getting content to a target audience matching interests to products and services is the key to engaging customers. Marketing automation tools and services are required to effectively to do this. Automated target content marketing platforms follow the buyer’s journey, engage customers at the right moment and understand the visitor’s behavior as he navigates campaigns and sites.  They literally provide a personalized experience to the visitor by wholly focusing on customer need.  This has proven to be the ticket to enabling the customer’s buying decision.

Target content marketing for buyer journey
Your client is now the leader in the buying journey. To sell to her, you need to engage her.
Beat the Challenge with Automated Marketing

Reduce sales cycle times and costs with targeted customer engagement


We are all changing our habits, when and where and how we ask to be informed or purchase. And we are all different. When we employ automated target content marketing we must consider numerous facets in the process which includes the following:

  • Searching Multiple Channels

    We are using different sources or channels to find an offer. Sources might be a social site, a search app, reviews on a product site, or in an email.

  • Which Device?

    A users employs different devices to access this information and interact with the apps. These devices require different approaches to distributing content and communications.

  • Where is the User?

    Users are no longer sitting securely at a desk or even inside. They are walking, traveling on buses, hanging around waiting areas and at the same time searching, browsing and texting.

  • Parlez-vous francais?

    We are truly living in a Global Village – differing languages, customs, culture and even time zones affect how our Users understand us. It affects all of our marketing activities.

  • Are you talking to me?!

    Add a layer of personalization and we have a bucket of multifarious tasks ahead of us.

Marketing Automation gives you high quality Leads

Manage responses to users in real-time, personalisation and more...